The main Aim of HearMeSpeak is to build up a parent community of hearing impaired children whether hearing aid user or cochlear implantee. It is a Community of families who has chosen to have spoken language as a means of communication for their child.

Our Mission:

  1. To share our stories and experiences and resources with each other.
  2. To share any new information, which can be help to other families.
  3. To seek unbiased professional support on a particular subject/topic.
  4. To get connected to various professionals related to our field like: Audiologists, Surgeons, Occupational therapists, child psychologist, special educator, AVTs, speech therapist etc.
  5. To organize parent workshops in different cities on various topics to impart information and knowledge by inviting professionals. These topics will be selected as per the need of that group in that city.
  6. To create awareness in the society and empower parents to be independent case managers of their child.