HEAR ME SPEAK presents it’s fourth blab discussion on “What happens after cochlear implant surgery?”

Speech is the birthright of every child. It is the hearing impaired child’s one fair chance to keep in touch with his fellows. Cochlear implant provides hearing to our children so that their brain can be trained to listen and develop speech. Cochlear implant is the miracle of the 21st century to mankind. Listening starts after the two to three weeks of surgery i.e.  with the switch on of the cochlear implant. Adequate listening through cochlear implant depends on MAPPING. Moreover, the implant is the life partner for the cochlear implant recipients. They should know how to troubleshoot their cochlear implant system and how to take best care of the device.

This discussion with Dr Ruchika Sawhney Mittal, talks about what is switch on , how frequently the mapping is required and how to take care of your Cochlear Implant.

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Illustration by Melissa Bailey.

Information Sources –

Audiologist  – Dr. Ruchika, ruchikamittal07@gmail.com

LSLS Cert.AVT-  Ritu Nakra, ritunkara@rediffmail.com

Blab Session Conducted By –

Chetana Misra, Founder, MompreneursIndia





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