The story of a young girl..

Day 1

Life has meaning. Life has a purpose and when one comes to life that meaning comes into existence. For long people have wondered as to where life comes from .for me, I am the same as the next person wondering the same questions. Unfortunately, sometimes I am looked upon as a fragile person, a person damaged by some extraordinary co incidence. And there are times when people treat me as a normal person .in reality what I feel ,is different from what I show .I  am proud of my disability. It makes me stand out from others in a way that is unique. I am  hearing impaired. If u think about it, I should be looking for moments in life where I should be looking to improve myself. But the thing is I have already found it. I am improving myself experience by experience .we are often treated differently whether we like it or not. My beginning wasn’t easy. I had my so called peers judging my every move. But with the help of my family and a few close friends I was always on track. Though however much you may try, it will never be enough unless you do it on your own. I remember being taunted about my implant and the only solace I could find was that it all was temporary. I wanted to change these stereotypes about us being fragile .Yet, I admit to being fragile once upon a time.

As technology advanced and I changed schools switching to a more mainstreamed school, the opportunities were there oh yes! but along with it came new faces, new experiences. It was hard at first. It’s always hard. I am in grade ten now and frankly speaking, the world hasn’t changed. But I have .I know who I am and my choices. I know my friends and i know where my loyalties lie. It all comes with time. even if we are left alone, we will rise despite the odds and for that i am thankful for my disability for it has made me who i am .there will always be people who despise their hearing impairment but i can without a doubt say it is a gift. a gift which we learn to accept once it recognized .I  want to become a travel journalist and write about the world in ways  that haven’t been sought out yet, touching the hearts of people around the globe is my goal. I don’t need anyone’s  help or pity. I  don’t want to be  seen as hearing impaired ,rather I want to stand out and make my own way in life because I have a gift which  has allowed me to become who I am and I want is people to recognize me as ANANYA NAKRA  and not the hearing impaired girl.


4 thoughts on “The story of a young girl..

  1. Thumps for the amazingly brave and smart girl I know. Thanks for being so amazing, You inspire me and I am sure, many others. Lots of love and good wishes.

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