Living life with my new friend !!

” What ? ”
” I can’t hear you all..  No not at all .. Not a single word ” – said a little boy to himself And from there on he believed he was born with a  hearing disability.

” What are my parents doing to me. I’m scared, Mamma please hold my hand, I feel good when u r around me”,  – his inner voice said to himself.

” Oh God !! I have a pain in my ear. I was in OPD, but the medicine which my mamma feeds me makes me feel better. “- And he recovered soon.

” Wow ” –  the little boy was amazed !

” What was that ? ” – he questioned  to himself.

” They made me  wear an equipment.  It’s amazing. “,thought the excited little boy.

” I can now hear you all. It’s new to me & I’m loving it. “, said the delighted little boy .

My parents and I call it as “Om”. It’s my hearing implant and a friend who accompanies me through the thick and thins of my lifetime.

” Life is so Wonderful when I am with my new friend. Yes, I’m born deaf, but with  my friend i have proved that deafness wrong. I can now face the world with my Om. It has become my strength. I play, dance, sing and  go crazy with it. There is so much of melody in it. It is the best part of my life and the  best thing that has ever  happened to me.  Without my friend I’m incomplete. I feel proud to call it as my friend. ”

” The journey of my sound life seems beautiful with you. And now i know that Aadhit is my name all because of you. Although my parents say I’m special but my friend, you hold a special place in my heart more than anything.  Now that I believe our friendship is forever ,no one can tear us apart and I promise that our friendship will last forever. ”

A true relationship doesn’t need two people , it can be shared with things around us. Friendship is all about trusting each other, helping each other and being crazy with each other together !

“And that’s what I do with my hearing equipment.   I love my Om and don’t you..? ”

– Alpa Bhawani


The story of a young girl..

Day 1

Life has meaning. Life has a purpose and when one comes to life that meaning comes into existence. For long people have wondered as to where life comes from .for me, I am the same as the next person wondering the same questions. Unfortunately, sometimes I am looked upon as a fragile person, a person damaged by some extraordinary co incidence. And there are times when people treat me as a normal person .in reality what I feel ,is different from what I show .I  am proud of my disability. It makes me stand out from others in a way that is unique. I am  hearing impaired. If u think about it, I should be looking for moments in life where I should be looking to improve myself. But the thing is I have already found it. I am improving myself experience by experience .we are often treated differently whether we like it or not. My beginning wasn’t easy. I had my so called peers judging my every move. But with the help of my family and a few close friends I was always on track. Though however much you may try, it will never be enough unless you do it on your own. I remember being taunted about my implant and the only solace I could find was that it all was temporary. I wanted to change these stereotypes about us being fragile .Yet, I admit to being fragile once upon a time.

As technology advanced and I changed schools switching to a more mainstreamed school, the opportunities were there oh yes! but along with it came new faces, new experiences. It was hard at first. It’s always hard. I am in grade ten now and frankly speaking, the world hasn’t changed. But I have .I know who I am and my choices. I know my friends and i know where my loyalties lie. It all comes with time. even if we are left alone, we will rise despite the odds and for that i am thankful for my disability for it has made me who i am .there will always be people who despise their hearing impairment but i can without a doubt say it is a gift. a gift which we learn to accept once it recognized .I  want to become a travel journalist and write about the world in ways  that haven’t been sought out yet, touching the hearts of people around the globe is my goal. I don’t need anyone’s  help or pity. I  don’t want to be  seen as hearing impaired ,rather I want to stand out and make my own way in life because I have a gift which  has allowed me to become who I am and I want is people to recognize me as ANANYA NAKRA  and not the hearing impaired girl.